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        01Core Boxes, inseam of 1m
        02Geological core box
        03Inner length 0.8m core box
        04Oil and gas core box
        05Core cutting machine
        06Core splitting
        07Sample bag
        08Core Storage Shelves
        09Core marker
        10Sample Splitting Sieves
        • Plastic Sample Bags

          Such plastic sample bags are made of brand new plastic material with mix of additives. They are durable, unti-brittle, transparent, moist free. The model and thickness of such bags shall be made according to the consumer
        • Paper Sample Bags

          The Paper Sample Bags are made with imported kraft-paper with lamination. At the opening of each bag, the obdurability stainless steel strip is fixed so it is easy to open repeatedly. Such bags are sharing the benefit of obdurable, not easy to break, convenient of taking out samples and easy to be closed.